Business Opportunities in the Philippines


There is great opportunity  to be had in Mindoro Island for the resourceful individual or company. 

A- For Americans- earn $98K tax-free on your Individual Returns tax. Take advantage of this opportunity.

B- The ASEAN Nations have integrated- Asia continent plus EU, joined by the USA and Australia. What this integration means is open trading with member countries are quota-free tariff-free.

C- Mindoro Island is all-open frontier waiting to be developed. This aspect is the most valuable treasure to an entrepreneur. The ability to be able to get in on the ground at development phase is priceless entrepreneurial opportunity.
Think of a business that a developing island in the Pacific need and it is waiting.
Tourism, Food retail, Truck stops with Shopping centers, Transportations, Fishing fleets, Mining- nickel, gold and jade, more.

D- A doorway is open into China’s huge economic market.
The ASEAN unification just opened up liberally this giant economic powerhouse in Asia. So many possibilities just on this one topic alone.

E- International realities- the Philippines is considered by many economic experts as an “emerging market.”
Mindoro Island is 45 minutes away from Manila, the international hub.
Manila is getting crowded.

Mindoro Island offers a relaxed atmosphere and an opportunity for business. The entrepreneur who realizes this will hit pay gold.

For a good reference and starting point- The Heritage Foundation on the Philippines

What does these all mean?

It means OPPORTUNITY.  It is still the New Frontier in the Island of Mindoro and the Philippines as a whole.

TIMING TIMING TIMING works ONLY if you are agile and ready on a moment’s notice. For the entrepreneur, you must now be situated, seated at the table.

I am. I live here 50% of the time, 50% USA.


Objectives and Purposes:

1- Wealth creation for the Individual or corporation. It is open frontier in real estate in an ecologically green pristine environment

2- The USA Dollar at its highest exchange rate ever v. the Philippine Peso


1- To build an American, or Foreign community in the Island of Mindoro Occidental, that

2- Preserve assets in one’s own country [ie: America, EU, UK] by utilizing the strength of said currencies [USDollar, Euro, Pound Sterling] against a weaker currency, the Philippine pesos in an exchange which is at the present the highest ever, and

3- shelter $98,000 of your personal income tax-free in the USA (this amount is probably higher now)

3- To make possible a retirement lifestyle that is well affordable even by the socio-middle class incomes

4- To take advantage of other opportunities in gas and fossil fuel exploration, Tourism, Food Production and distribution- for the most part Mindoro Island is still agricultural

5- To take advantage of “fire sales” of large swatches of government tracks of real estate readily available from native stake holders- those who are living in the track but without titles to these real estates.

There will come a time when most all of these tracks will be gobbled up by big *Filipino conglomerates (*in name only for the sake of legal requirements but mostly foreign-stakeholders. This is how this game is played)

6- To take advantage of ample space, clean living, cheap labor with the vicinity of the big city Manila 40 minutes only by commuter plane, or the burgeoning Batangas City 3 hours by ferry.

7- Lastly but perhaps the most important- bring hope and life to this corner of the world.
a- The local population is in dire need of jobs.
b- The Indigenous Peoples (IPs are a government-protected Native Tribes for their cultural values) need help in the education of their young for their own survival. IPs have a tender place in my heart and I want to bring them hope.

My own personal mission is to uplift them by showing what they can do themselves.
Let’s join hands with them in propagating their culture that asks for education for its survival, yet also tenaciously cling to the cultural heritage handed to them by their ancestors.
Let’s give a heart!💗

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