Sputzli Swiss Dinner at The Palms Guest Cook

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When the guest wants to cook the dinner, you let him!!

Sputzli, the way he wrote it, is a Swizz- German food that’s the equivalent of fresh pasta preparation in Italian.

The Chef guest made 3 different types of sauces:

. Garlic- very simply sautéed crushed garlic in olive oil and white sauce

. Mushroom and meat sauce

. Italiano which is the classic red sauce made with tomato paste.

Very interesting the way the dough was prepared; let stand at room temperature for 5 hours. It was kneaded thin on a cutting board and sliced with a knife from the board, dropping into boiling water.

The water needed to be changed when it got thick from receiving the dough. Cooked dough was let cool off before serving, scooping sauce on top.

It was fantastic! Never had such, let alone prepared by a guest! MORE PLEASE!

The Champaign was chilled for 1 hour in the freezer then 6 hours in the fridge. Perfect pop!

Dessert was layered pineapple served with coffee.

The whole dinner was consumed on the porch, complete with unexpected power blackout before the rains which enhanced the romantic ambiance of the whole dinner with solar lamps. [ I guess! ]

Just really depends on one’s mindset then these Nature outbursts can be an enhancement to an already rich experience!

Count on the unexpected and never have expectations!! Lol..

Dance with Mother Nature’s whims. I swear it adds an unforgettable element to your moment‼️❤️

PS. Power was back in 30 minutes😊

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