Daring Young People to Explore Possibilities for an Enhanced Life 1

The world is your oyster. So says a wise man.

I don’t care about the wise man, I care that what he said is TRUE especially for the so-called millennials.

For you young people in this group category (I dislike people categories!) the news is not so hot. However, all that not-so-hot news only apply to you if you don’t have CHOICES. But you do.

Ask me to help you explore YOUR potentials for living large, living grand, lesser stress, back to nature simplicity, and active as a bull in a china shop ( 😉 ) if that is your speed!

…the Active-
Do you like scuba diving? Are you a master diver/ instructor?
The need for this expertise is great in the Island-country of the Philippines. In my neck of the woods Mindoro Island, only 40 minutes from Manila on the main Island of Luzon, the building and developing is underway.
It is so exhilarating to be here and see foreign investors acquire real estate and develop it into beach resorts. As we did.

In this setting, the NEED exceed the expertise available on the domestic side of the labor market to fill this job. Other jobs available are Bar Tending and Culinary. Resort owners like us can only hope that we cross ways with a local who is trainable enough in the Western life style. This is a need we the owners are left wanting all the time.

For you the millennials, shed off the suit and tie, and get into scuba suit instead, or put on your cargo shorts and tees and train some locals on the ways You might want that service provided to you should you find yourself to be vacationing somewhere tropical atop a bar stool.

While here in Mindoro Island, Philippines, get immersed in the culture. Challenge your long-held beliefs, be open to a change in life style that I believe is so much happier/ healthier for you over and above all.

Considering of course that you have the gumption, the drive, and the adventure bug. THAT is all you need.

I can help. Let’s explore this possibility. Several months a year if you will. There are master divers and diving instructors “traveling” the beach circuit, from EU-US-PI then back again.

Or— you just might fall in love and stay.
Fall in love with the place I mean! Well, the weather too. And the environment. Hey what else do you think I mean??


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