Wild Life on the Beach- Turtle Visits Its Birthplace!

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Nature is such good thing! It is a pleasure. It is a relaxing natural entertainer.

It’s been said that sea turtles visit the VERY beach where they were first lain as eggs by the mother.

A wildlife carefree tortoise visits his home turf!

Humans don’t get in its way and let these gentle animals propagate.

For some reason these creatures have the natural GPS encoded in their genetics. They are able to hone in on that particular body of water and make that journey to lay their eggs there.

Unfortunately these gentle creatures that have no defenses except their hard shells have to share space with humans and development that sometimes are not sensitive to Nature and the other species that deserve their own share of space.

PS- the man holding the turtle was my construction employee. Was he not working for me at the time I knew for a fact that this little cute turtle would have ended up as soup in his skillet!!

Sometimes I cannot blame the humans either. If their family were going hungry– what to do??

The natural processes at play here is much in the same way as another species, the Salmon. When Salmon gets to maturity to spawn they go back to that source of water where they themselves were hatched. Sadly for the adult fishes, they die after assuring the continuous survival of their species.

Sea turtles can live to hundred years, maybe more? If left alone by poachers and fishing nets.

Thank goodness, turtles don’t die after they’ve laid that first batch!

This particular visitor came around April 20. If this visitor laid eggs on the beach no one had known where it is. Good. I know people eat the eggs, and the turtle meat! Ugh. Not when I’m around.

Due to its size we believe it might be in the same batch of hatchlings as the one caught and tagged a year ago. I hope s/he comes back when  I’m there so we can tag it too. It would be nice to find out how many times an individual turtle shows up at the beach.

If this one is a female and had laid eggs the nest won’t be very far from  our doorsteps.

How neat is that? 😉

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