pt.1 Retirement and Health Care: Comparative Emergency Room bill USA v. Philippines 5

St. Luke’s Hospital is getting a FREE ad here. Lucky them.

Actual bill from St. Luke Hospital Manila, Philippines ER visit.

See pt2 comparison for California, USA

Why the visit?
I work hard physically and most times forget to drink enough fluids. Maybe it’s heat exhaustion.
I also suffer from vertigo which is imbalance, dizziness, the feeling of nausea, and erratic or irregular heartbeat. The dizziness and headache felled me several times. I’d lay on the couch quiet for an hour with eyes closed. Then my BP start to act up because I’m “panicked it might be heart attack”. The room start to swirl and I feel like I’m drowning or going to pass out. Well, it’s ER time!

It was diagnosed correctly only in June 2012 in another ER trip: it was inner ear infection. Only my eardrums! Imagine that. All those ER trips, 3-4 times a year. Thank God that was all it was but when you’re feeling all of the above symptoms you do not mess around. In my case, twice I had to go to ER at St. Luke’s.

Here are my diagnostics and the corresponding amount of charges, in Philippine Pesos.
The currency exchange right now is $1 = P42.00. Keep in mind this exchange can go up or down:

ER Sodium and Potassium: 840.00

Bedside ECG: 975.00
Thermometer Probe: 13.00
Capillary Blood Glucose: 169.00
ER Fee- Diagnostic: 1,301.00

ER CBC Complete Blood Count: 525.00
Drug- Clonidine Hydrochloride 50.00

**Diagnostic X-Ray- Extremities- Forearm: 1,365.00
**Diagnostic X-Ray- Extremities- Wrist: 1,365.00
**Chest PA and Lateral: 1,365.00
**not included in my original complaint but I asked for. I hurt my wrist while boating and was painful a few days later so I had it looked at.
Total Hospital Charges: P7,968.00
Over 55 Discount: 1,274.88
**Hospitals and pharmacies in the Phil. are quick to offer you Senior Citizen discounts. Restaurants are the same. They’d practically put a card in your hand to use every time you come in.

Balance Due: P6,693.12  ‘/,  42 =  $ 159.36

Now- digest that, Folks!
That’s first rate ER admission, full staff, you get attended to as soon as you come in.
If you took out the bill for the X-ray portion of my wrists, this bill would have been much smaller.

I want to add that Jim and I have excellent private insurance here in California. We do have to pay a premium of 550.00 a month plus any co-pays. We’ve dropped/ opted out of this coverage since Blue Cross/ Blue Shield does not reimburse nor recognize use in the Philippines. Instead I am going to funnel that money to an account (savings) where it will stay until we need it.

Stay tuned for more.
Feel free to ask me questions on this, or any other questions you may have about our Resorts, the Philippine society as a whole, or the Philippines as your business headquarters. Come out and stay with us while you look around and ponder about your personal or business possibilities. We will guide you through all these.

In our tiny barrio (pop. 1,000 voters), we have 1 Brit ex-pat, several Swiss-Germans and hubby and myself represent the USA. C’mon over let’s raise that number!



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