Ciao! for Now, Off we are to the Resort- Will Keep Everyone Updated as Internet Connections Allow.. Reply

Last update tonight, maybe, until I get back Stateside April 2012.

We had been exhausting ourselves packing, and packing some more. Then go run around doing endless errands making sure all is taken cared of before Tuesday. Our one time chance to eat a meal today was at 10:30 pm. Gee whizz! There is a point after many hours of no food when you don’t feel the hunger, but you do get dizzy, woozy, and stumble around hitting your knees on coffee table corners. I hope to hit the sack at 12:00 but don’t think so.. oh well.

It will be all worth it. I swear- there will be nothing for us to do the first two weeks. We are going to vegetate, maybe walk the beach in the early a.m., or before dark, no matter the time really.

I miss the blazing sunset colors.

I want to cross the Mindoro Strait and visit Coron Bay in the Palawan Island. I’ve heard of fantastic dive spots where sunken Japanese WW2 vessels make for excellent under-water wildlife. That would be great-tastic snorkeling for me. Unfortunately, with busted eardrums I cannot dive. But Jim will, or so he says. We’ll see!

The first order of business is to look for a boat to buy. Yippee!!

Someone wants to learn how to be a fisherman hobo! Haaaa ha haha! Yah. Like that’ll happen…

Anyway- to our Friends who are visiting this website– good bye for now… We will SEE YOU AT THE RESORT!


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