About: MC Resort

For the right price I can sell this property.  Shoot to me your best offer, see Contacts Page. I plan to build on the second property which is more topographically beautiful than this main site..

More beautiful? Yes!!

See this page= https://minpalmsresort.com/2021/04/25/17-acres-beach-front-property-for-sale-pacific-rim-to-rival-buracay/

Imagine a White House building standing on this hillside.

No- not *that WH, but my planned building for this site.. natural waterfall that falls on to the pool below, terrace on second floor which will be approx. 5-stories above sea level.. fireflies lighting the trees like millions of twinkling Christmas lights… WHOA!! [ maybe I won’t sell it!!! Haha! ]

For now I am in USA so the Resort is CLOSED

The MC Resort is in the outermost of the Tropics. Fifteen degrees above Equator. It is hot sun and endless sea!
Peace and quiet amid beautiful invigorating active environment. I enjoy the utmost living here. Dusk, or Sunset- call it anything you want, is my most favorite time of day

Walking with my buddy Black. In the very early morning running trying to beat the sun.. it’s a beautiful peaceful everyday retreat.

As said- I am in California right now stranded by the world-wide health concern and not able to fly back.

It is taxing my impatient endurance..!! ;(

Anyway, we have to adapt don’t we? My mind is there right now!

Below- R & R- don’t be envious, do it!

During the day- sun protection lotion a must!

Tropical days are long days. Everyday is what seems to be only two time frames in 24 hours; sunshiny day and quiet black night. Dawn breaks at around 5:00 and sunset occurs at around 6:00. Long day to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, tour of neighboring islands on an outrigger boat or just lounging around with drink in hand. Hmm.. that’s ok too.

Entertaining some friends, my niece and her friend, staff getting ready for a boat outing

Special Occasions Venue

Though the Resort is not set up for business, I will accept with advance arrangements- Church Services, Company Parties, Personal Sabbatical, Family Reunions, Team-building, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations
No Public.



FOOD! The Exotic & The Regular

What’s for dinner? I don’t eat much!

When I do feel like it- USDA Beef- Rib Eye Steaks or hamburgers are available, shopped from Manila.

Let’s Party! Bonfire Party I swear is the first I will do when I return… when I return! 😒

I wonder if my Liquor Cabinet is intact since the typhoon? Moisture doesn’t ruin hard liquor does it? Am talking about the past typhoon just before Christmas 2019. Did considerable damage to all my structures, ripped the asphalt shingle roof off my Main House!

Update Apr 23 ’21:   I have not been home since 2018!  Every year there is the monsoon season therefore typhoons. I have not repaired any of the previous years’ damages accumulated by now..  The stuff in it, I don’t even want to think about!   Travel back continuous to be problematic

Black Pink Salmon
Blackened Pink Salmon


Exotic Drinks- let’s go Organics!

  • Fresh Mangorita– mango flavored Margarita.
    Around May it is mango season.
  • Green Coco Cocktail– fresh shredded coconut in its own water served in shell. I miss this one. Laced with Vodka?? Umm.. maybe, maybe not!
  • Fresh coconut water- this is one fantastic detox drink

Talk about detox:

  • Lemon grass tea– the herbal plant grows around the property.
  • Curcumin tea– this from fresh roots readily available, excellent cancer fighter they say
  • Manzanilla- excellent gut cleanser, quiets down upset stomach, a pain remedy
  • Ginger tea– fragrant, a bit biting flavour, great for your joints, and sea sickness
  • Kalamansi lemonade– this is like lime only more sour loaded with vit. C

All-natural healers for your health!



Diving and Snorkeling Apo Reef, Macopa Reef-

If you are hard core scuba diver you have heard about Apo Reef. Never been there but there’s always the first time. Apo Reef is 31 miles due Northwest of the Palms Occi. Apo Reef is the world’s second-largest contiguous coral reef. It is the biggest and best dive destination in the Philippines. It was declared a World Wildlife Fund Marine Sanctuary to preserve it for generations. Explore the bottom with its colorful inhabitants. Sharks, manta rays, giant sea turtles. Ride the underwater current and watch them suspended in H2O.

Some expert divers who roam the dive circuit said that the #ApoReefDive was better than The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Well now!

On the way to Apo Reef maybe meet up again with some old friends- a pack of Spinner Dolphins. At high noon we came by a pod and were treated to entertainment the likes of which I have never seen before. Whether it was a lunch frenzy, or showboating for our pleasure, we really couldn’t explain the behaviour we saw.

Watch this fun unforgettable video! <a=youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTBRLWeLkqI&w=420&h=315</a&gt;

LULI Island- “lulubog-lilitaw,” now you see it now you don’t

Out front of the resort about a mile away is a bed of corals to explore. On high tide this coral island disappears under water. During particularly low tides part of this coral bed become exposed creating an island that is “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t!” The edges of this coral island drop off to a steep cliff excellent for exploring on scuba.

Rock Island– a rock formation about a mile off from shore. Now a Marine Sanctuary. Diving or snorkeling allowed.




Mount Iglit National Park– highest peaks in Mindoro it is for mountain trekkers and nature hikers.

The Mangyan Natives– outside of the Park are the ancestral villages of our Indigenous Peoples called the Mangyans. On the inside you’ll watch an endangered species of wild water buffalos called “tamaraws” in their natural habitat. Locals tell a story of a person who got chased by this wild beast all the way into town! A tall tale for amusement for sure since I daresay you could NOT outrun this wild thing! The park is also home to other exotic wildlife; colorful birds indigenous to the jungles of Mindoro.

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The Sun, the Moon, the Water.. Reflections

There is magical beauty to a quiet place caught between the tug of light and dark. A personal favorite time of day. Reflections caused by the rising equatorial sun but still buried in the eastern mountains, or the setting sun at the end of the day have created these images. I am constantly awed by this beauty. Excellent de-stress. The sound of waves, the rustle of palm leaves, the water colors, and the total absence of polluted noise and light. The warm breeze hits your face and it’s like Mother Nature’s embrace in all it’s summer warmth. Walk on warm sand, to forget the vagaries of civilization, the hassle of the depressing past- spit it out and enjoy NOW, girl! Yup.

Gods of The Galaxy

The inter-galactic show on moonless nights IS my favorite of all. Lay down on the warm sand in complete darkness and quiet. Watch the 3-D of stars above. The richness of the Milky Way. Be front row seat 15′ above the Equator when the Majesties of the Skies turn out; Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Orion. Nothing like it.

Witness a tree full of fireflies.  These tiny critters turn an ordinary tree into a giant Christmas tree. A beacon with thousands of pulsating, twinkling Christmas lights! Awe and wonder. All mine!! It’s pretty amazing to think what God had laid out for me.

Thank you Dear God!!