About The PALMS 1

Welcome to The Palms Beach Resorts Mindoro Occidental!
We are a Tropical Vacation destination in the ‘outermost of the Tropics!’. This is one vacation YOU tailor to your “speed” when you get here. We know you want everything: peace and quiet, beautiful invigorating active environment. Yes with us you can mesh these two…how? That’s up to you.

Food! Exotic Drinks! Umm.. like what?

Well- how about fresh Mangorita? Mango-flavored Margarita. Around May it is mango season. If you’re lucky you just might have one on us to cool you off when you get here. How about a green coconut cocktail? Fresh coconut, shredded with its own water served in it’s shell laced with vodka? Or consume fresh this is one fantastic detox drink for you.

Talk about detox- we serve #LemonGrassTea. Yes the herbal plant grows in our property.

Another one is #CurcuminTea- this from fresh roots readily available. Excellent cancer fighter *they say.

Still another detox drink is #GingerTea- fragrant, a bit biting flavour, a natural for ginger.

On the citrus-y side- there’s #KalamansiLemonade- this is like lime only more sour. Yes.


Excellent PERSONAL R & R

Welcome to SERENITY all you tired, haggard warriors of the corporate world! Gnatty micromanager bosses, carefree clueless underlings, performance evals and sales quotas enough to drive you insane. Ladies and Gents, businessmen and businessladies alike don’t pull your hairs out. There is a thing called Sabbatical. Or weekend time-offs. Regain your sanity and come to the peaceful surroundings of our Resort. We understand and respect your privacy and your need to unwind, slow down and recharge. You will enjoy the peace and our truly secluded natural grounds. We can only describe it so much, you just have to come and experience it. Check for Directions here.

Karaoke; is there any other stress release than belting out a tune on top of your lungs? Ever wondered why Japanese executives have a screaming sabbatical outdoors twice a year? Yea. Don’t worry, nobody would tell the office you sounded awful. Right. If you want Karaoke please specify when you make Reservations.

IMG_1811 Sandy beach in either direction as far as the eyes can see. Tropical sunshine dutifully bathes you to a golden glow. Everyday is what seems to be only two time frames in 24 hours; sunshiny day and quiet black night. Dawn breaks at around 5:00 and sunset occurs at around 6:00. Long day yes, to enjoy your dive, snorkeling, a go-round tour of neighboring islands on an outrigger boat all your own for the day. Or just lounge around in our lush surroundings. You can’t go wrong.

ACTIVITIES VENUE We welcome Company Parties, Sabbatical, Family Reunions, Team-building, any personal celebrations like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, please contact us. You are welcome to enjoy!

IMG_1838For Weddings; we are building a Wedding Gazebo right on the sand, by the waters! Be our first “Event”. Ceremony and Reception all in one place. Then book our Honeymoon Suite to complete your Memories of the day. We promise this day to be the PERFECT crowning glory to your love affair. It’s a bet-  you will remember it for the rest of your life!


EXOTIC & Regular People FOOD😊 We are a FULL SERVICE Restaurant and Bar. We serve Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Cocktails. We have USDA Beef Rib Eyes. We serve Imported liquors as well as domestic. Our ambience as a ‘Must Go-To’ destination for You and Friends for Dinner is Excellent beach side! Dinner Reservations needed for Steak Dinners.





Black Pink Salmon

Blackened Pink Salmon

Lumpia !

Lumpia !


Throw in a little music with that fire and bingo!


If you are hard core scuba diver you have heard or read about Apo Reef. Apo Reef is 31 miles due Northwest of the Resort. We are the closest and by far the easiest to reach, accomodation for scuba divers to the Park. Apo Reef is the world’s second-largest contiguous coral reef, and the biggest and best dive destination in the Philippines. It was declared a World Wildlife Fund Marine Sanctuary to preserve it for generations. Explore the bottom with its colorful inhabitants. You’ve never seen color in an under-water life until you dive the tropical waters of the Philippine Islands. Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience swimming with its wild inhabitants!

Some expert divers who roam the dive circuit said to me that the #ApoReefDive was better than The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Well now!

On your way to Apo Reef maybe you’ll come by a pack of Spinner Dolphins on their lunch hunt. At high noon, our boat went about 2 kilometres out (roughly 1 1/4 miles) and came in the midst of this pod and were treated to entertainment the likes of which I have never seen before! Whether it was a lunch frenzy, or showboating for our pleasure, we really couldn’t explain the behaviour we saw.

Watch this fun unforgettable video!

LULI Island- “lulubog-lilitaw” translates to “goes under-goes over”cropped-image-1.jpg We didn’t forget you newbie scuba divers and snorklers- out front of the resort about a mile away is a bed of corals to explore. During particularly low tides, part of this coral bed become exposed creating an island that is “now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t!” The edges of this coral island drop off to a steep cliff excellent for exploring on scuba. Or be lazy and snorkel holding on to the riggers while a resort hand guides the boat for you. Enjoy the underwater scenery.

Back on Terra Firma-

Too much water and you’re not a duck- a change in scenery and to regain your wobbly footing, we next explore the Mount Iglit National Park. One of the highest peaks in Mindoro it is for mountain trekkers and nature hikers.

Outside of the Park are the ancestral villages of our Indigenous Peoples called the Mangyans. On the inside you’ll watch an endangered species of wild water buffalos called “tamaraws” in their natural habitat, from the safe distance of a lookout bridge. Locals tell a story of a person who got chased by this wild beast all the way into town! A tall tale for amusement for sure since I daresay you could NOT outrun this wild thing! The park is also home to other exotic wildlife; colorful birds indigenous to the jungles of Mindoro.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Sun, the Moon, the Water.. Reflections There is magical beauty to a quiet place caught between the tug of light and dark. Such is conducive to contemplative thoughts. Reflections caused by the rising equatorial sun but still buried in the eastern mountains, or the setting sun at the end of the day have created these images, or so I think but do not know for sure. It was just so fantastic to me… Be awed by this beauty and use it to meditate, to de-stress, to be one with the unseen world around you. Whatever your mind wanders to, feel the deep connection courtesy of the sound of waves, the rustle of palm leaves, the water colors, and the total absence of polluted noise and light. Let the breeze embrace you in all it’s summer warmth. Such a place exist here at The Palms Beach Resorts Occidental Mindoro.

Walk along the fine sands at sunset and see for yourself the awesome colors! Imagine lounging around in comfort after a day’s water fun, and the relaxing soothing beauty of a sunset like this.. nature’s gift to us all! The night is quiet except the sound of waves breaking. Relax, lay yourself down and forget the vagaries of civilization you left behind.

Here, no pollution, no noise of motors. You are in a secluded beach. Perfect for trysts, perfect for lovers! If you’re lucky, a brilliant full moon will dance for you across the sky unobstructed from your balcony. There are however, a few things that frustrate me- I cannot capture on camera and show on these pages the heavens with its layers upon layers of stars.

The inter-galactic show on moonless nights IS my favorite of all. To lay down on the warm sand in complete darkness and quiet, and watch the 3-D of stars above. You’re front row seat when the Majesties of the Skies turn out; Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, even Orion with his belt all swaddled in a gossamer of soft billowy feathery pleasance by the Milky Way which stretches from end to end of the sky..

Witness a tree full of fireflies.  These tiny critters turn an ordinary tree into a giant Christmas beacon with thousands of pulsating, twinkling Christmas lights! Awe and wonder. …soft warm air as it caresses your face and enduces dreams. Ahh, if only for a few days- Paradise and YOU…!


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