Tropical Retirement: Retiree having a blast setting priorities straight 1

A Leopard can change spots! An old dog can be trained! Put your mind to it, it’ll happen!  

Once upon a time this Retiree didn’t have a clue how to live outside of Westhampton, NY. He didn’t know there was such a thing as Mexican Food. Why should he? There wasn’t any Mexican Restaurant in the village then. Moving to California you’d think his horizon would broaden a bit. Ok, it did, but really just a bit! When he agreed to retire in the Philippines he had no idea about the culture either. He didn’t know that the difference was indeed 180 degrees let alone know what that truly mean for him.

This is my hubby’s email to me; (keep in mind I am at the present at home in California) no corrections, no omissions. He’ll love that I posted his email! ;)

“ Jun 24 (4 days ago)

to me

Okay, the guy just wants to know how to get here.

Anyway, Rex and I went to Macopa today. And Sonia said sadly “don’t you want us to go?”, and I said sure, you and Joey can come. I think she wanted to see Pat, her buddy….

It was GORGEOUS !!! Some waves breaking out where the reef drops off, but small ones. So we snorkeled out there, I saw trigger fish, butterfly fish, angel fish, and a bunch of others. And somehow Sonia grabbed a small but GORGEOUS trigger fish with her bare hands and brought it back to show me. I need to teach them to leave the fish alone and not stand on the reef. Anyway, tons of fish, water was gorgeous, clear sunny day. Pat made chicken tinola (?), I brought some of the apple flavored beer which was surprisingly good. I think it’s my new favorite beer. We had a blast just floating in the water and BS’ing. Oh, and with the rains there is a babbling brook running right thru the property on the hill side of the huts and down under the big bridge Pat made out of tree trunks. Just wonderful. And you can hear it, very relaxing.

Tomorrow we’re going to San Jose to get food, bebinka, Rex knows where we can get a bug zapper for mosquitoes, and Rex has to get some parts for his guitar. He’s getting all excited about them playing music.

Oh, and Mickey is bringing his smaller boat up on shore. Watched him for a while, they’re doing it by hand using two of those chain winches like the one Dante bought. Though after a few hours it’s still sitting in the same place, so I’m not sure what happened. I should go over and watch.

Everyone’s nervous about the 4th day of sun messing up the rice planting. Nobody can work cuz there’s no water, and the fields are drying out.

Oh, and apparently as a kid in the 60’s Rex and his father would walk from San Jose to Concepcion via the beach, and he remembers stopping to drink fresh water at our Macopa beach at that water well thing. That guy’s been around for a long time. Seems like he knows everything about everything.

I checked the website, it looks real nice. Do you need more photos of the house or anything?”

~~end of email~~

Now- there’s a guy enjoying his retirement! Who cares if he retired 3 1/2 years early and we are paying penalties for digging into his retirement? He doesn’t!