Daring Young People to Explore Possibilities for an Enhanced Life Reply

Jobs for the millennials in an ever divergent job market is not really too hot prospect-wise. Totally change your thinking and explore the possibility of travelling a beach resort scuba dive circuit as instructors/ trainers. Or totally do an about-face and turn everything you know upside down and develop a lifestyle all your own to enjoy in the atmosphere of tropical living. Root up and transplant! Contact me @The Palms Resorts Mindoro. Island Adventure, anyone? <a href="”> Read More…

Outrigger Tourister and Liveaboard Cruiser at Your Service in the FUN Dept! Reply

We are looking for adventurous souls to go on our maiden voyage of the 4-ton boat you see below. The smaller watercraft will escort her.

She’s in final preps for a motor then a cabin for live aboards, then final paint.

Itinerary is The Palms Resorts- Pandan Island- Coron Bay- Puerto Princesa- then back. The voyage will take about 2 weeks. We will  be crossing the South Philippine Sea formerly known as the South China Sea.

Out on the horizon is the Mindoro Strait shipping lane which also used to be the Japanese Armada choice of waterway when they sailed off to Leyte Gulf to play cat-and-mouse with the Pacific Fleet of General Douglas McArthur during WW11.

Coron Bay is the graveyard of 3 Japanese warships and is now a top destination for hotshot wreck divers. I want to see the much-heard-of beauty of Coron Bay Lagoon where these ships lie.

This boat is Mindoro Palms #3. She’s going to be a 4-ton outrigger cruiser when we’re done with her. She’d shed off her old skin and put on a new one.

IMG_2220 We totally gutted her, made the top wider to accommodate more load. We also made the outriggers longer and more floats to compensate. Soon we will be putting in a new R4 engine.

IMG_2208 We have an excellent boat maker in our neck of the woods. This boat was scraggly and ugly when we got it. After about a month of work, lots of hardwood, lots of marine epoxy glue and paint and soon a new engine, she’d turned into a beauty.

IMG_2206This one is Mindoro Palms #1.

Yes it does take these many people to beach this baby. Altho the new weight is 1/3 more than the old shell now she is more buoyant, carries more passengers with ease up to 10 people with no problem.

IMG_2214 She’s fast too hence the “Tourister” designation.

Here the Capt. inspects for algae and eagle’s claw, a kind of shellfish that attaches itself to the submerged part and eats up your boat. We don’t want that.

Any takers on the cruise let us know here.

I can’t wait!! I DOUBLE-DARE YOU to come with me!! Dramamine’s ready. ;)

The Palms Resorts Occidental Executive Suite Now Open for Reservation Reply

Shown is The Edison Executive Suite in our newly completed 3-bedroom Duplex.

We are very proud of the fact that this is the first of its kind luxury accommodation in all of Occidental Mindoro. It is highly affordable at our initial Grand Opening offering of $99.00 or P4100 Philippine Pesos.

The first week of this duplex being available we had a full house.

“Ohs” and “ahs” were heard during the show and tell, for the Bathroom in The Edison Executive Suite. It does feature a whirlpool jacuzzi, a rain style massager shower with room big enough for two. One other feature of this luxury suite is a sun deck facing the beach. It is excellent venue for a cozy intimate party for up to ten people.

The Edison is ample room for the Executive who needs accommodation for extended stay and make the Resort his home base away from HQ. We can add office furniture upon request.  Please make this request as soon as possible during the Reservation process.

Contact us here for Reservations.

Palms Resto-Club Food and Drink Menu Reply

Palms Club Restaurant

Breakfast-   served 24 / 7

Imported Cafe Americano- Fresh Brewed

1. Jose French Vanilla Flavored Coffee- P150

2. Yuban or Folgers Medium/ Dark Roast- P150

3. Decaf Brewed- P150

4. Domestic Organic Hot Coco(a)- P150

5. Tea- Green, Black

Breakfast Combos: combine any 2 items- P200

        2 eggs any style
        3 slices bacon
        2 links (Longanisa)
        3 slices French Toast
        Breakfast Hash Browns
        Cold Cereal Bowl- please ask server what’s available
        Hot Oatmeal Bowl
        Bowl of fruit cocktail
        Pancakes- 3 stack
        Pan de Sal French Toast- baked fresh.

***Topping/ sauce/ syrup: mango jelly or fresh mangos in season, fresh ripe papaya, shredded young coconuts in caramelized (bukayo) sauce


American Sandwiches + French Fries and Iced Tea- served 24/7 

1.  Single Hamburger- P                                                                                                           US ground beef, dressing, tomatoes, lettuce

**Add Cheese- P15

**Add Bacon- P30

2.  Double Hamburger= 1/2 lb- P                                                                                       Dressing, tomatoes, lettuce, American Cheese

3.  Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich- P

4.  Turkey Sandwich

5.  Club Sandwich

Filipino Selection~~
Available for Lunch and Dinner, 
all Favorites of Ours! 

        1. Pancit Bihon- P
          Ground pork, potatoes, celery, seasonings, rolled in paper-thin pastry wrapper then deep fried. Excellent appetizer too
        2. Pansit Canton- P
          Egg noodle pasta sauteed in shrimps, pork and veges. A little heavier version of the above. Thoroughly satisfying meal all by itself Sinigang- P                                                                                  Pork or Shrimps Stew- in sour Tamarind base soup with lots of green veges. Recommended
        3. Chicken Tinola-                                                                    Chicken stew with sauteed ginger as its soup base. Garnished with sage or green pepper leaves. Got cold?
        4.  Adobo: Pork or Chicken- P
          Served over rice.
        5. Pansit Bihon- P
          White rice vermicelli sauteed with shrimps, chicken strips, snow peas, onions, garlic 
        6. Adobo: Pork or Chicken- P
          Cooked in soy sauce with lots of garlic. If desired, the addition of curry and/or coconut milk as seasoning accentuates this dish and is an excellent topping for white rice. Recommended
        7. Fried Rice Shanghai (Chinese) Style- P
          Shrimps for flavor, eggs, peas, carrots, green onion topping

Non- Alcohol Drinks~~ 

        1. Iced Lipton  Tea- regular or lemon
        2. Raspberry Flavored Iced Tea
        3. Coke
        4. Lemonade- made with fresh kalamansi

                               e. Coffee Caramel Frappuccino, blended frozen-
Excellent after dinner dessert drink!

Imported Liquors and Spirits~~ 
We will bring your Full Bar Menu.

Grand Marnier



Tequila- Jose Cuervo Gold, Don Julio, US Kirkland

Vodka-   Ciroc, Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, US Kirkland

Scotch Whiskey- Johnny Walker

Palms Club Restaurant



USDA Steaks are a rarity in this country. We buy up when available. Enjoy!

1.  B-52  1/3 lb. All- American Hamburger + San Mig of your choice- P             French Fries. Cole slaw.

 2.  Classic American Rib Eye Steak & Potatoes- P2299
Grilled seasoned Rib Eye Steak. Served w/ baked or mashed potato. Vegetables. Digestif of Sliver of Chocolate in Hot Midori. You’ve never had this concoction before!


1. Blackened Pink Salmon 8oz- P                                                                       Norwegian Pink Salmon w/ LA Blackened Seasoning. Served on a bed of in-season delicate sweet-sour fruit puree. Delicious! Light and appeti-ZING! Mixed vegetables.

**Spicy but not pepper hot.

2. Swordfish Steak, as available-  P                                                                            Very lightly breaded and browned in butter. Or charcoal grilled naked (no breading).     Rice pilaf, veges.

3. Breaded Fish Fry Platter- as available-  P                                                             Fillets of White Fish lightly breaded and fried. Served w/ French Fries or Sweet Potato Fries. Coleslaw.  Garnish w/ **Atsara.

4. Yellow Fin Tuna Grill- P
Italian sauce baste. Grilled skewered sweet onions, tomatoes.
Choice of seasoned french fries, or Coconut-creamed Sticky Rice.
*subject to availability



5. Fried Chicken- Whole- P
Good for two people. Shanghai Rice, sweet corn if available,
Sautéed mixed vegetables.

6. Fried Chicken- Half- P
Shanghai Rice, sweet corn if available, sautéed mixed vegetables.

7. Baked Turkey- P
USA Butterball turkey. Yes we are lucky to find a supplier! Baked, w/ all the regular Thanksgiving trimmings!

8. Grilled Pork Ribs- P
Tangy sauce, parboiled for tenderness. Scalloped potatoes, Greens and or Mixed vegetables.

9. Pork Chili Verde- taste Mexico in the Orient! P
Slightly pepper-hot but not too hot, just right. Served w/ refried beans w/ cheese, corn or flour tortillas

10. Chicken Pasta in Mushroom Sauce- P
A Resort Favorite!


Adventurous Opportunities: Retire with Us and Up-Scale Your Bottomline Reply


I am soon to depart for the PI, my little island I am missing so much right now.

June is coming and it is start of that Equatorial weather we call MONSOON. The rains have started altho still last only about 30 minutes in the afternoon.
I am sad to leave my kiddos. I am sad to leave all of you and my interactions with you I will miss. I am sad to once again leave USA, but some things must be done. At some point somebody’s got to do it. ;)

The spirit in which I built the Resort is so that I have a place to offer my friends when they are so inclined to travel this part of the world. If and when they decide to drop by I have a place ready that I am proud to entertain you in. Living in this environment I never get tired of the wonders it showcases for us daily. There isn’t one panoramic view of the water and the sky every morning I open the doors. There is always a surprise. It is a once in a lifetime experience you ‘must’ have. This very weather I’m talking about- the monsoon, IF you are about getting close to Nature and the beauty of God’s creation I suggest you come visit us at this time. I want to share with you that ‘wonder’. Nature this up-close is just awesome!

“Up-Scale” Your Bottom Line

Consider retiring with us in the Philippines. I will help facilitate all including the legal aspects of migration. If you’ve been to my website you now know that medical concerns like doctor expertise are not a problem anymore. More and more, Physicians and surgeons are trained in the US and they shuttle here and there with ease. Hospitals for their part have medical exchanges between the two countries to facilitate treatment by a US physician. The “expertise” issue is not an issue anymore. Cost-wise it is simply a better deal for you.

Email me for any questions you may have about staying/ visiting the Philippine Islands long term. We have legal counsel to help facilitate all these for you. Living in PI nowadays is so positive overall for your bottom-line it merits at least looking into.

As for us, that is our bottom-line; live above. And it is all so doable!
The Living expense is very very minimal compared to the EU or even the US. The Life style is back to basics laid back simplicity. The environment is natural green and unspoiled.
After all your hard working days– YOU deserve all these!

Contact me here.

Mindoro Palms Beach my Private Paradise Soon to Open for YOU! Reply

Mindoro Palms Beach my Private Paradise Soon to Open for YOU!

Beach view of the Patio or I call it Porch area of our Main House. Finally looking all put-together. On the foreground is the spoiled brat hubby’s sailboat. I love the green camouflage cover of the house! Beachgoers are surprised to see a house in this spot. It’s funny when some German tourists come and sit on hubby’s boats and light a cigarette! Hubby goes batty!! ;)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Courtyard of the Main House. To the right is the main door (not showing), to the left is my Dirty Kitchen. Suited for all kinds of party preps!

Visit our Contact Us page for more information and call us for any questions.
Come one come all!
Make sure YOU attend the Opening, and especially the Closing Party!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA This is the Divers Hut. I call it that because the long wide living room area flooring is done in bamboo slats and so it perfectly accommodates divers’ wet equipments. Full bathroom with hot shower.

Miss HOME Eight Thousand Miles Away! Reply

HOME 8000 Miles Away

Where Is- Mindoro Palms Beach, Occidental Mindoro on google earth.

To the right of the screen in orange marker is the National Road. The straight line you see which runs East-West is the feeder road, still just an unpaved rough road less than a mile long.

The shorter straight line you see which turns North from the feeder road is the private access I built, solely for the Resort’s use and no one else’s. Supposedly. But I’m a nice person and let my neighbors to the North use it too!

At the end of that short access road is the Maganda (means beautiful in Tagalog) Bridge under all that foliage! This Bridge was my crowning achievement at the time it was completed. Having NOT an inkling how construction is- completion of a simple bridge built over a wetland was an achievement. ;)

The Main House is under that coconut grove! What shows is the caretaker’s house and barely a glimpse is the new Exec Duplex.


The blue of a swimming pool you see just below that feeder road, close to the beach belong to our neighbor dive club. He is who I will entrust you should you want a PADI-certified Master Diver to guide you to your Apo Reef Dive Park.

Altho the hubby is also a Master Diver, he is retired and want me to keep THAT in mind– he ain’t workin’ no mo..!


Miss the beach! From here. When I’m there I’m so busy I hardly step on it.. but watcha gonna do??

Wild Life on the Beach- Turtle Visits Its Birthplace! Reply


Its been said that turtles visit the VERY beach where they were first laid as eggs by the mother. For some reason these creatures have the natural GPS encoded in their genes so they are able to hone in on that particular body of water and make that journey to lay their eggs there.

The natural processes at play here is much in the same way as another species, the Salmon. Everyone I think is familiar with the life cycle of a Salmon. When Salmon gets to maturity to spawn they go back to that source of water where they themselves were hatched. Sadly for the adult fishes, they die after assuring the continuous survival of their species.

Thank goodness, turtles don’t die after they’ve laid that first batch!

This particular visitor came around April 20. Due to its size we believe it might be in the same batch of hatchlings as the one caught and tagged a year ago. I hope s/he comes back when  I’m there so we can tag it too. It would be nice to find out how many times an individual turtle shows up at the beach.

If this one is a female and had laid eggs the nest won’t be very far from  our doorsteps.

How neat is that? ;)

Retirement and Healthcare: Perfect Comparison ER Bill US and Philippines 1

Lately I’ve posted some information about Health Care to help those of you who might be considering retirement in a tropical environment like the Philippines but medical considerations had dampen your enthusiasm. Or if you have not thought about it- it’s all over the news and isn’t it timely that you should consider the possibility what with the uncertainty of our own health care delivery here in the United States.

The term “Medical Tourism” had been around a while now. It had opened up some people’s eyes to the benefits of this ‘other’ kind of tourism, but this informational blog’s aim goes a little deeper than ‘medical tourism’. The information given here is to SEDUCE YOU to consider retiring “to live in the Philippines” altogether! ;) And why not?

The advances in information technology had helped contract the world definitively. Even time zones are ‘no matter’ anymore with the term 24/7. Skype puts families from different times zones to ‘real time’.

Whether we are disciples of change and embrace it as readily, or we are dinosaurs (am speaking for myself!) who relinquish grip only tentatively after some convincing, the fact is this rapid change is to our advantage as far as medicine is concerned.

There is an under-current of Philippine life that does not get press, and that is the fact that there is a “great life” to be had in the island. What gets press fair or not- is the bad.
One of those negatives is the thought that the Philippines is so backwards still, especially in medicine. It used to be, not so anymore. If the Filipino MDs were to be asked, in the case of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, Philippine ex-president, these Filipino Docs will tell you that anything foreign doctors can do, they can do. That is believable considering that most of these MDs studied abroad, got their Doctorates, or got US-certified in their respective fields here in the US and EU. These elite Docs travel back and forth as if the world really did shrink to a manageable few hours distance. Philippine hospitals routinely do an exchange fellowship with American medical service providers. There is no problem with calling in reinforcements from outside should circumstances or personal preferences warrant.
That was one of the points in the Arroyo case whereby the ex-president seeking medical treatment abroad was denied travel on grounds that she may just want to flee prosecution from her pillaging of the public treasury and nepotic reign, some people hypothesized. She was told she need not travel to get the care she needed. Filipino Docs are more than up to the challenge, but should it be necessary, the hospital would fly one in for her.
Now for us non-ex-presidents, that is a comfort to know. What she can afford, You and I using Dollars or Euros, can well afford.

In this part of the post one can see what the numbers really tell using an excellent comparative tool- another ER bill this time from San Antonio Hospital in California. The first bill from St. Luke’s Medical in the Philippines is here. The medical reasons for these two ER visits are EXACTLY the same! Yes, too bad yours truly had to go through it to have these comparative tools, so let’s use the good out of it shall we?

Below is the ER bill from the San Antonio Hospital here in California. You’ll see they hardly did any tests. They pulled out the old records and used data from those. In a way, thank goodness or I would have had to pay that too out of pocket. (Have I mentioned that we dropped our medical insurance coverage carry-over from my hubby’s company retirement that he earned working for 32 years? And that it was excellent coverage compared to most? Yes I have. Okie..)

June 24, 2012

LEV 4, DET HIST. EXAM.MOD— $401.00
Lead EKG, Interpretation————– 44.00
TOTAL CHARGES——————- $445.00

Compare the above charges to the St. Luke’s which had more detailed exams, at $159.36 minus the 2 X-rays which were unrelated to my original complaint but was done simply because I was already there.

The “Over-55 discount” calculated out to be 16%. As Previously stated in the St. Luke’s bill, as soon as it shows a patient to be over 55, one need not ask for the discount- you automatically get it.
Makes being ‘over…’ not bad at all! Hey, cheer, it’s just numbers!


Tropical Retirement: Retiree having a blast setting priorities straight 1

A Leopard can change spots! An old dog can be trained! Put your mind to it, it’ll happen!  

Once upon a time this Retiree didn’t have a clue how to live outside of Westhampton, NY. He didn’t know there was such a thing as Mexican Food. Why should he? There wasn’t any Mexican Restaurant in the village then. Moving to California you’d think his horizon would broaden a bit. Ok, it did, but really just a bit! When he agreed to retire in the Philippines he had no idea about the culture either. He didn’t know that the difference was indeed 180 degrees let alone know what that truly mean for him.

This is my hubby’s email to me; (keep in mind I am at the present at home in California) no corrections, no omissions. He’ll love that I posted his email! ;)

“mccjc@gmail.com Jun 24 (4 days ago)

to me

Okay, the guy just wants to know how to get here.

Anyway, Rex and I went to Macopa today. And Sonia said sadly “don’t you want us to go?”, and I said sure, you and Joey can come. I think she wanted to see Pat, her buddy….

It was GORGEOUS !!! Some waves breaking out where the reef drops off, but small ones. So we snorkeled out there, I saw trigger fish, butterfly fish, angel fish, and a bunch of others. And somehow Sonia grabbed a small but GORGEOUS trigger fish with her bare hands and brought it back to show me. I need to teach them to leave the fish alone and not stand on the reef. Anyway, tons of fish, water was gorgeous, clear sunny day. Pat made chicken tinola (?), I brought some of the apple flavored beer which was surprisingly good. I think it’s my new favorite beer. We had a blast just floating in the water and BS’ing. Oh, and with the rains there is a babbling brook running right thru the property on the hill side of the huts and down under the big bridge Pat made out of tree trunks. Just wonderful. And you can hear it, very relaxing.

Tomorrow we’re going to San Jose to get food, bebinka, Rex knows where we can get a bug zapper for mosquitoes, and Rex has to get some parts for his guitar. He’s getting all excited about them playing music.

Oh, and Mickey is bringing his smaller boat up on shore. Watched him for a while, they’re doing it by hand using two of those chain winches like the one Dante bought. Though after a few hours it’s still sitting in the same place, so I’m not sure what happened. I should go over and watch.

Everyone’s nervous about the 4th day of sun messing up the rice planting. Nobody can work cuz there’s no water, and the fields are drying out.

Oh, and apparently as a kid in the 60’s Rex and his father would walk from San Jose to Concepcion via the beach, and he remembers stopping to drink fresh water at our Macopa beach at that water well thing. That guy’s been around for a long time. Seems like he knows everything about everything.

I checked the website, it looks real nice. Do you need more photos of the house or anything?”

~~end of email~~

Now- there’s a guy enjoying his retirement! Who cares if he retired 3 1/2 years early and we are paying penalties for digging into his retirement? He doesn’t!